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Interconnect Sales, Inc.

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Interconnect Sales, Inc.

12011 NE 95th Street

Vancouver, WA  98682-2791

  1. (360)256-4085

  2. (360)256-4113 Fax

(800) 553-5905 Toll Free

Interconnect Sales, Inc. is located in the Eastridge Business Park. Minutes from I-205 and I-5, located just across the Columbia River from Portland. Our facility is ~14 miles from Portland International Airport (PDX). Our location enables 1 day delivery service to customers from Bellingham, WA to Grants Pass, OR; with 2 day delivery service to all other customers.

Seattle Area Field Office

Interconnect Sales, Inc.

1058 Goat Trail Loop

Mukilteo, WA  98275-2213

  1. (425)513-5560

(425) 513-5984 Fax

Our Seattle Area Office provides field engineering support for customers in the Puget Sound and Eastern Washington marketplaces.